Introducing Tastebuds...

After a couple fun months of auctions and flash sales, we're winding down operations at The Shelf. It was a tough decision that came down to answering one simple question: where can we have the most impact on new sellers trying to grow their businesses?

Our company’s goal has always been to help small, independent sellers, and The Shelf was a great way to get makers’ products in front of buyers via an exciting shopping experience. But the truth is, makers actually already have lots of great channels available to them [1], and The Shelf wasn’t differentiated enough to bring buyers to the table.

We started looking for markets where we could make a real difference, and saw the awesome foodie culture in the Bay Area. Because of a confluence of new laws, the growing acceptance of collaborative consumption, and America’s increasing consciousness about what it eats, we believe now is the right time for a marketplace that brings independent food producers together with food consumers.

Our new project is called Tastebuds, and launches this Spring. We’re signing up beta users, and looking for food producers in the Bay Area, and would welcome any feedback you have on the idea.

We'd like to thank our customers, partners, and fans for all their support of The Shelf. If you need to get in touch, please email us at

Matt & Eugene

[1] If you’re looking for a great place to find cool new products and support makers, we recommend these sites: Grand St., Fab, Tindie, and of course KickStarter